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PEAK: Rogosin’s Program for Prevention and Education in Advanced Kidney Disease

Rogosin’s PEAK Program ( Prevention and Education in Advanced Kidney Disease) offers patients whose disease has progressed, a team of experts ranging from kidney specialists, nutritionists, social workers, nurse educator and psychologists.  Patients are given extensive, individualized support and education to learn how they can best take care of themselves now and in the future.   Rogosin’s team empowers patients to make decisions leading to better outcomes and enhanced quality of life.  .

At the appropriate time, PEAK can make referrals for kidney transplantation and dialysis options like home dialysis training. Throughout, the PEAK team actively communicates with patients’ nephrologists and works to help patients navigate the medical system.  Our team ensures that each patient receives a personalized treatment plan taking into consideration their concerns and goals. 

Rogosin acknowledges the challenges of living with kidney disease and our PEAK program helps patients stay active, live independently and take control of their health.

PEAK is conveniently available at two locations: 

Rogosin Jack J. Dreyfus Clinic
505 East 70th Street, 2nd floor
New York, NY 10021
212-746-1567 PEAK @ NewYork Presbyterian/Columbia
51 Audobon Avenue, 3rd floor
New York, NY  10022

For more information, see our full brochure here.

If you have kidney disease and are interested in our PEAK program, talk to your healthcare provider about an appointment with a Rogosin nephrologist who will work with your physician. Rogosin is recognized as one of the country’s premier centers for the diagnosis and management of kidney disease. Our doctors lead the way in kidney disease treatment for patients in the New York Metropolitan Area and beyond. Call our office at 1.888.ROGOSIN or schedule an appointment with us any time.

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