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Message from David Wyman, President

Rogosin has long been recognized as a leader in kidney care.  We are proud of the innovative, high-quality care we provide and our commitment to engaging patients in their own care to achieve the best outcomes. As 2022 begins, we are focused on creating a consistent experience for all our patients, across all sites on all shifts.  

We want every patient to know what they can expect at Rogosin, no matter where they receive care.  To achieve this goal, we are working to strengthen the connection between our sites and standardize the care patients receive at all locations.  Each of our sites has so much to offer, and by sharing and standardizing best practices, we can create an even better experience for our patients. 

This is an exciting time at Rogosin. Recent gifts and grants are helping us extend care to even more New Yorkers, and research we are doing today may change the future of kidney care. As always, our patients are at the heart of all we do and, as we move forward, we are building on all we have achieved to provide them with a consistently excellent experience.

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