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A Conversation with Beverly Castillo, RN, Manhattan East Center
Beverly Castillo, RN, Manhattan East Center

Beverly Castillo, RN, has been caring for patients with kidney disease at Rogosin for over fifty years.  Currently, she is teaching patients at our Manhattan East Center how to do home dialysis and supporting them during treatment.  We asked Beverly to share a little about her experiences as a nurse and teacher at Rogosin.  

What is your current role at Rogosin?

I am a very experienced peritoneal dialysis (PD) nurse who teaches patients how to do home PD, as well as support them in their home care. Sometimes, I teach nurses how to help patients do home dialysis as well.   

What drew you to teaching patients?

I really enjoy talking with patients and watching them learn.  I love seeing the moment when it clicks for them, and they understand.  In this time of Covid-19, home dialysis is an especially good option for patients who don’t want to travel to a Center for treatment, and I am glad to be able to help them.   

What happens if a patient is having trouble learning?

Not every patient can do home dialysis, but we always do our best to teach those who are good candidates and want to learn.  If one of my patients has difficulty learning from me, I refer them to one of my colleagues.  Someone else may have a teaching style that works better for that patient and can present things from a different angle.  Since we take turns being on call, ultimately, we each get to know all the patients on home dialysis at our Center.

Can you say a little about teaching nurses as well?

A good example is when we set up a program in a rehab unit in the Hebrew Home for the Aged in Riverdale and I worked with the nurses there. This program was designed to enable patients who are on home PD to be able to continue treatment while in sub-acute rehab, rather than having to go to a nearby dialysis center.  

When you train nurses, what do you want them to know?

I try to help them develop the confidence to be able to manage people who are doing dialysis at home.  We don’t see our patients all the time and you must respect their abilities.  Also, working with home dialysis patients means always being available for them.  We take turns being on call, and our patients can contact us 24/7 if they need help or advice.  It takes a special kind of nurse to be willing to do this.  

You’ve been at Rogosin for over 50 years.  What do you like best?

I enjoy my job and I’m very happy at Rogosin. I like the staff and patients that I work with.  We have a cheerful environment, and it seems to work well for our patients.  After doing this for such a long time, I have learned a lot and I want to share it with others.

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