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The Rogosin Institute Launches Important Kidney Health Screening Program in New York City

The Rogosin Institute
Distribution Date: October 2, 2019

The Rogosin Institute Launches Important Kidney Health Screening Program in New York City

(October 2, 2019, New York, NY) – (Rogosin), the largest not-for-profit dialysis provider in New York City (and the 9th largest in the United States), today announced the launch of a new Kidney Health Screening program. This innovative educational program will provide vouchers offering free kidney screening to the family and friends of Rogosin’s Manhattan East Dialysis Center patients in an effort to raise awareness of kidney health and provide much-needed education about the important role early detection and intervention can play in slowing disease progression in people living with kidney disease.

“Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is increasing at an alarmingly faster rate than other diseases in the United States, with one in three Americans at risk. Rogosin wants to do our part in changing that through ensuring many more people with risk factors, such as family history and type 2 diabetes, have free and convenient access to screening programs and intervention to improve outcomes and, ultimately, quality of life, “ said Barry Smith, M.D., PhD. president and CEO, Rogosin.

Kidney disease in all its stages affects an estimated 40 million Americans, and the incidence, with its overall toll on the quality of life for people, is also increasing. Since kidney disease usually has no symptoms until it has progressed into late-stage disease, screening with simple blood and urine tests are the only ways to know how well your kidneys are working.

Education efforts are vital to inform the public of the risk factors associated with CKD such as hypertension, family history, obesity, and diabetes. Importantly, earlier detection and intervention for those with kidney disease through screening programs can slow the progression of kidney disease and improve health outcomes overall.

This new dialysis center screening program was envisioned by Dr. Alan Perlman, a leading Rogosin nephrologist, and is being generously supported by Bayer. Rogosin currently has eight dialysis centers treating over 1,600 patients and, therefore, has contact with a large number of patients with potential links to family members and others with potential undiagnosed kidney disease. Dr. Perlman expects that kidney screening of their friends and relatives will result in identifying new cases of kidney disease for earlier intervention and follow-up.

“Bayer is committed to working with partners in the community to find new ways to educate patients and improve outcomes for people living with kidney disease,” said Aleksandra Vlajnic, M.D., senior vice president of Medical Affairs at Bayer. “We are proud to support The Rogosin Institute’s New York City screening program because when kidney disease is diagnosed early, physicians may have more options to help effectively manage this progressive disease.”

Screenings are conveniently offered during Mon- Fri and participants will receive individualized on-site chronic kidney disease and risk-factor education based upon the screening results with referral and intervention as determined. Rogosin’s intention is that, with the demonstration of the success of this initial program, it can be replicated in Brooklyn and then throughout New York City.

The Rogosin Institute (Rogosin)
Rogosin is one of the nation’s leading not-for-profit treatment, research and education centers for kidney disease, providing services for prevention and detection of early-stage to more serious problems requiring dialysis and transplantation. Rogosin is unique in combining the best in clinical care and biological and policy research and advocacy with the sole goal of providing better ways to both prevent and treat kidney disease, and the diseases that contribute to it, such as hypertension and diabetes. It is affiliated with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and Weill Cornell Medicine and is a sponsored member of the NewYork-Presbyterian Regional Hospital Network.

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