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Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease Somatic Mutation Biorepository

Principal Investigator

Hanna Rennert, PhD, FACMG

Contact Information

Stephanie Donahue, NP
Phone: 212-746-1591

Study Status


Brief Summary of Protocol

This study will analyze the germline and somatic PKD gene mutations underlying the development of ADPKD, and characterize the association between these mutations to better understand the genetic mechanism responsible for the cystic transformation. Once identified, these mutations could help us understand better the mechanism leading to the development of this disease and may explain at least in part the phenotypic variability in disease presentation.

Study Overview

This study is examining the genetic changes associated with the development of ADPKD using native kidneys removed from patients undergoing native nephrectomy at the time of living donor kidney transplantation. No therapeutic intervention is included in the protocol. ADPKD is caused by germline (primary) mutations in one of two PKD genes; however, there are very few published reports of the somatic (secondary) PKD gene mutations in kidneys of patients with ADPKD and how they correlate with the clinical phenotype.

IRB Information

Weill Cornell Medical College
IRB Protocol # 1710018665 NCT03901521
Identifier: NCT03901521

Weill Cornell Medical College IRB

1300 York Avenue, Box 89
New York, NY 10065
Phone: 646-962-8200

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