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Opening of a new Kidney Regenerative Medicine Laboratory

Dr. Leif Oxburgh
Dr. Leif Oxburgh

Part of our mission at Rogosin is to stay at the vanguard of cutting-edge research to improve the care we provide and the lives of those we serve. While Rogosin is a leader in nonprofit dialysis, being the largest provider in NYC and the ninth-largest in the US, we envision a world in which there is no shortage of available kidneys and anyone who needs a transplant can get one. In the US, on average, 3,000 people with kidney disease are added to the transplant waiting list each month, and 13 people die every day waiting for a kidney. We want to see these numbers decrease dramatically. 

To this end, Leif Oxburgh, DVM, PhD joined Rogosin in July 2019 to begin the Kidney Regenerative Medicine Laboratory. The research in this laboratory has the potential to change the course for patients with end-stage renal disease. The objective of Dr. Oxburgh’s research is to understand how kidney tissue can be grown in a lab setting, with a long-term objective of creating an abundant source of kidney tissue to both repair kidneys and build new organs for people with kidney failure. 

The Rogosin Institute is very excited about this groundbreaking research. Can you imagine how many lives could be saved if kidneys could be built in a laboratory, rather than patients waiting for a match from a living or deceased donor? The opportunities are extraordinary. Rogosin is a national leader in comprehensive, integrated kidney care; this research program is a testament to our commitment to advancing and improving patient care and moving the needle on the science behind the treatment of kidney disease. 

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