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Message from David Wyman, interim president, Rogosin institute

As the new Interim President of Rogosin Institute, I am impressed with the collaboration, expertise, and commitment of the entire Rogosin team.  I am learning about the innovative ways Rogosin delivers care to patients both on-site and at home, and I am so appreciative that staff have made me feel welcome during these challenging times.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges for all of us, but particularly for patients with kidney disease.  Rogosin staff are doing a superior job of providing our patients with both physical care and emotional support.  Along with other healthcare workers, every day they put their fears aside to travel to work to deliver life-sustaining care.  They are truly healthcare heroes, and I join others in applauding their strength and courage during this crisis.

In the coming months, I will meet with more employees at sites across New York City, as I continue to learn about the great work they do each and every day.  Together, we will move past this pandemic and continue to provide the best kidney care possible to our patients.

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