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Meet a Member of the Rogosin Community: Elaine Sumida, Peritoneal Dialysis Patient

Overwhelmed at the thought of peritoneal dialysis? Ms. Elaine Sumida, a retired teacher with kidney disease, has been in your shoes. However, these days, she performs her own fluid exchanges every day and has even traveled to her native Hawaii and back since she began PD in October 2018.

For the last 15 years, Elaine’s health went through a steady decline. She was suffering from severe hypertension, and her children urged her to come to NYC for a second opinion. Ultimately, she ended up in the care of Rogosin nephrologists Dr. Vesh Srivatana and Dr. James Chevalier. Elaine’s blood pressure was very high and her renal arteries were blocked.  She started her stay in New York by spending over a month in the hospital.

After she was discharged, Dr. Srivatana advised Elaine to consider peritoneal dialysis, a modality which allows for more flexibility and a higher quality of life than traditional in-center hemodialysis. The process, in which the patient performs fluid exchanges via a catheter in his or her abdomen multiple times per day, requires an intensive training with PD certified nurses. “I felt overwhelmed and nervous about remembering all the steps,” says Elaine, but she was determined to make a trip home to Hawaii and says of Dr. Srivatana, “The only way he would let me go is if I could do PD on my own!” Beginning in October 2018, Elaine worked diligently for weeks with the Rogosin PD team, particularly Nurse Josep Adalla, to learn how to perform the fluid exchanges herself. After completing her training, Elaine was able to make the trip to her beloved Hawaii.

Elaine says everyone on the PD team at Rogosin was positive, patient, and all around excellent. Plus, they are on call 24-7 if you need them or have any issue while performing the exchanges. “Using PD requires discipline and a steady schedule,” she says. “You have to be alert and be at your best to do it correctly. You have to be prepared to put in the effort. The fantastic results motivate you to continue.” Elaine says she now feels better than she has in years.

Elaine is grateful for the training and care she received at Rogosin and the wonderful PD team who was with her along the way, and says that Dr. Srivatana played a major role in her recovery. “If you are a good candidate for PD, it allows you freedom and flexibility that in-center hemodialysis does not. You have to ask all the questions and take advantage of your time with the training nurses.” We are so proud of Elaine and inspired by her commitment.

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July 3, 2023

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