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Meet a Member of the Rogosin Community: Carlos Romero, Home Dialysis Patient

Carlos Romero is an entrepreneur. He owns a busy Manhattan flower shop, Your Red Roses, and works very hard every day to provide beautiful roses, orchids, and the like to customers all over New York City and beyond. He is also a father of three young children, and drops them off at school every day on his way into the shop. He has a big, bright smile for everyone he meets. It might surprise you to learn that Carlos has kidney disease and receives dialysis treatments weekly.

Last year, Carlos, who had visited Rogosin before but had never begun treatment, came back to the Dreyfus Clinic very sick. He knew he needed dialysis. His nephrologist, Dr. David Epstein, identified him as a suitable candidate for home hemodialysis. He began the Rogosin home hemo training program shortly thereafter.

“At first I was scared,” he said. “But I knew I had to be well for my kids. The staff explained everything step by step with pictures and videos. They provided me with all the information I needed and walked me through the whole process. They treated me like family.”

Carlos says that, thanks to home dialysis, he is able to lead a normal life, care for his children and spend time with them, and run his thriving business. He is able to do dialysis at his shop, on his own schedule. He doesn’t lose any time. He arrives early in the morning, sets up for the day, and begins dialysis once everything is ready and he is able to take a break. “It doesn’t stop me from working,” he says “and it doesn’t stop me from being with my kids. I’m feeling so much better. When I walk down the street, I feel like a normal person. Other than these small lumps in my arm, I am.”

“The best present you can give your kids is your presence,” says Dr. Epstein, who is also a father. “I think what made Carlos an excellent candidate for home dialysis is that he is an entrepreneur. He has the propensity to think ahead and plan. He is a visionary.”

We agree!

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