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Giving Back: Honoring Loved Ones by Helping Others

Rogosin recently received a generous gift from the family of Sandy Su, which is enabling us to enhance space and services at our East 70th Street location.  A major grant from the Llewellyn Family Foundation will help us advance care in two underserved communities.  We are grateful to them and others who are helping Rogosin provide better care to patients today and in the future.

Gift to Fund the Sandy Su Home Dialysis Center 

A $2 million gift from Lisa Su and Daniel Lin will fund the renovation and expansion of space at our East 70th Street location for the new Sandy Su Home Dialysis Center.  Named in remembrance of Sandy Su, Lisa’s mother and a home dialysis patient, the Center will enable us to help more patients learn how to do dialysis at home and improve the quality of their lives. This gift will also help us create a warmer, more welcoming environment at our East 70th Street location. 

“It is particularly meaningful to receive a gift from a patient’s family,” says David Wyman, President. “For us, it reflects the quality of care provided at Rogosin and is a tribute to our staff, who do their best for patients every day.  Donations from families let us know that we are truly making a difference in the lives of their loved ones.  I want to express my appreciation to Lisa Su and Daniel Lin for their extraordinary gift, which will provide access to home dialysis to many more patients for years to come.”  

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Grant to Fund the J. Bruce Llewellyn Wellness Center  

Rogosin has received $1.1 million from The Llewellyn Family Foundation to fund the J. Bruce Lewellyn Wellness Center for patients and their families in the East New York and Brownsville areas of Brooklyn. “We know that African Americans, and especially those in disadvantaged neighborhoods, are disproportionately hard hit with Chronic Kidney Disease,” says Stuart D. Saal, MD, Nephrologist, Rogosin Institute. “At the same time, patients in underserved communities have less access to education about treatment options, such as home dialysis and transplantation, that can lead to better outcomes.”

The J. Bruce Llewellyn Wellness Center is designed to improve patient outcomes by focusing on self-empowerment through education and guidance.  “We want to provide all patients with the information and confidence they need to make the best choices for their own care,” says Dr. Saal. “We are also expanding our very successful Wellness Ambassador Program, so patients have the benefit of learning from peer advocates who can share their own experiences with kidney disease and transplantation, while providing support to others.”

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