Redefining Kidney Diagnosis, Treatment & Management

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Redefining kidney care through high-quality diagnosis, treatment and management.

Since 1983, the Rogosin Institute has been transforming the diagnosis and treatment of chronic kidney disease across the country. Our mission is to provide patients with the highest quality of care by combining cutting-edge treatment options and innovative clinical research with an expert team of compassionate physicians, dedicated to the success of every patient under our care.

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Home Dialysis Benefits.



No travel needed and the ability to perform your own treatments on your own time



Experience the freedom of flexibility to continue work school, social activities, or travel.


Quality of Life

Improved blood pressure, fewer medications, and overall improvement in quality of life.

Wellness Program

Central to Rogosin’s mission is to empower patients through education and provide opportunities for all treatment options. The Rogosin Wellness Program does that by connecting kidney patients to Wellness Ambassadors, who are peer mentors living with kidney disease, with the goal of empowering them to take charge of their health care decisions.

Learn more at our Wellness site and our educational page with the National Kidney Foundation.

What drives the Rogosin Institute?

The World Health Organization defines true health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Rogosin works with patients, families, and community organizations to raise awareness about kidney disease and its risk factors and to encourage healthy behaviors to prevent chronic diseases. Through partnerships with community-based organizations, Rogosin mobilizes local residents, healthcare providers, youth, and community leaders to improve health outcomes in their neighborhoods. Working with local, state, and federal government agencies, Rogosin seeks to create new and better healthcare policy.

Rogosin Research & Trials

The Rogosin Institute is a leading center for clinical research. Our physicians and researchers are recognized for cutting-edge research that helps find new treatments and therapies for a wide range of health conditions.

Patient Testimonials

For the last five years, I have been receiving dialysis at Rogosin and have been so happy for their dedicated care. I like the way they deal with me and all the patients. There is always someone to talk to and to help with most needs.

Janine N.

I have been a patient since 2005. Had a kidney transplant in 2006. The staff is amazing and caring, in all my ups and downs they’ve extended extreme support. Love them all dearly! They’re the BEST!!!

Abigail C.

The flexibility of home dialysis has allowed me to keep family and friends at the center of life instead of treatment. The option of home dialysis made treatment less isolating and more an integral part of family life.

L. Wadsworth

The nocturnal program at Rogosin has provided freedom during the day for me to be with my family. The other plus is how I feel. This is the best I have felt since having my own functioning kidney.

T. Brink

Find Rogosin Locations

Rogosin Institute has ten dialysis centers in the metropolitan area and is the largest not-for-profit kidney failure dialysis provider in the US. We provide training and education for all treatment options so that patients can maintain the best possible quality of life during and after dialysis.

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For your convenience, a representative from The Rogosin Institute can contact you to schedule an appointment. Please complete the necessary information.